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..[[could it be?]].. [31 Mar 2003|04:48pm]
[ mood | busy ]

i'm baaack!

(i'll chat more with yall later)

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=current obession= [11 Dec 2002|01:22am]
[ mood | content ]

i so want these items for xmas!! cuuuutttee!









:: push :: [22 Nov 2002|01:59am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

Looky Look!!!!

My sister chella came out her very own magazine!!! Damn, I swear she fucken rawks!! aside from the magazine, she started alil clothing line, works her ass off on the set. For those who dont know shes a stylist mostly on movie sets. Shes working on a movie in Austin with Kevin Kline and Haley Joel Osment

I wish you guys could see this !!
heres alil info and some links that can be found inside::

Push staff::
chella cardona!!- creator/ head of the mafia
andi scull- producer/ visual magic maker
anthony burns- chief editor/ the human abstract
darling carl- marketing temptation
reverand pain- attitude con.nois.seur
karen wacker- shop talk P.I./ token hip chick
jen cline- living decor dream
charles randolph- resident visual poet
justin hogg- the dirty stranger

=interview with Ethan Hawk " Taking it off"

=jouranalin' with Dj Nu Mark from Jurassic 5 "The Smokin' Grooves Tour may not have made it to Austin but Push Magazine made sure to bring you the thought and views from Dj Nu Mark"

=interview "Thin black cords" "designer Gail Chavan recently sat down with our own Chella Cardona to discuss the new vintage fashions trends that are giving life back to our grandparents' and great-grandparents' fashion assessments."

=article Dj a.m. " Remember underground hip-hop shows? Nappy roots, breakers and indo smoke?"

=interview with David Beckham " A day in the life with David Beckham" [[hes married to former spice girl Victoria "Posh" Adams]]

=just afew links:

neat huh?
Im OhhhSooo proud of my sis!!!

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^ - ^ [20 Nov 2002|04:47am]
[ mood | awake ]


all true expect for the party part [[homebody]]


// oh my // [20 Nov 2002|04:27am]
We were never suppose to go this far for real
Now I see it all so clear
My holding back from you
Just making me want you with me
And now
Now were getting all so close
And want everyday a little more
You try this touch
What we waiting for
See, whenever I lay down to sleep
Thoughts are swimmin constantly
And I can't deny
The love for you I feel
And whenever I tell you I got to go
My heart starts to feel the pain
Wondering when will I see you again
I can't pretend
I'm feeling like letting you

Feeling like letting you love me
Feel like giving you my heart
Show me all the love that you're feelin
Show you all the love that I'm feelin
The love that I'm feelin
Feeling like letting you love me
Feel like giving you my heart
Show me all the love that you're feelin
Show you all the love that I'm feelin'
The love that I'm feeling, love

I'm tryna think of one good reason for me to stay away
Thinking of the time I spend with you on my mind
It's so hard to be afraid
And whenever I tell you I got to go
My heart starts to feel the pain, oh
And I wonder when will I
I need to see you again, yeah

When you touch me
Show me your love
The love that you feel
The love that I feel
The love that we feel
Your so special baby, yeah
The love that you feel
The love that I feel
The love that we feel, oh

Feeling like letting you love me
Feel like giving you my heart
Show me all the love that you're feelin
Show you all the love that I'm feelin
The love that I'm feelin
Feeling like letting you love me
Feel like giving you my heart
Show me all the love that you're feelin
Show you all the love that I'm feelin
The love that I'm feelin

Give me one good reason
To stay away
Stay away
Oh no no no

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::all i have to give:: [19 Nov 2002|02:49am]
[ mood | complacent ]

wow, its been awhile. There has been big changes in my life. Some good and some well not so good. But im here and sorting things out.

i dunno know where to begin?...

well, for one i got a new job! and man oh man i love it! its my passion.. its what i wanna do. I found what im good at and what i love. I feel so absolutely blessed :D
For those who dont know what im doing, Im a case/house manager for a family shelter. We house abused woman and children here. I also recently became a Adult advocate for 2 clients here. Its awesome and at the same time a humbling experience. Working here makes you grateful for what you have. Here i was before gripping and complaining about silly stuff. Now i hold on and appreciate alot more. These woman and children here have nothing. These ladies here have hit rock bottom. My heart goes out to people who are less fortunate than me. Wow, what I see here grips and pulls at my heart and everyday i leave here alittle wiser and grateful. I love what i do here! In the spring i plan on getting my license in legal specialist. I'll be able to do alot more here than what im doing now. Im excited about that.[[sighs]] Its a awesome feeling to be able to do something that you enjoy.

My life for the most part has been and kinda is taking turns and at times i question things... why? why me? why not me? I need to realize that theres a season for everything. And realizing slowly that everything was exactly how it should have been. Going through the ups and downs,I know now it all had a reason. Getting here through all my fears You were there to Guide me, I look to the sky above and Im reminded of Your Love and Blessings.

knowing that..whether i chose to believe it at times keeps me sane, it sustains me.

well, its been nice!
Imma try and write more here. Feels good to vent alil :D

nite nite

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[[pixx]] [08 Oct 2002|03:42am]
[ mood | content ]

I'm wide awake
Can't sleep

so, I decided to post some pixx :D
enjoy <33

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-remedy- [02 Oct 2002|04:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

Have you ever smelt something like a certain fragrance and you travel back in time? You start to remember where you were? what you were doing?

I just experienced that! freshman yr, Lisanna Yvonne Romero

good times :D
I miss those times
I miss our friendship
I miss my friend

I just miss her

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[[ <33 NY ]] [02 Oct 2002|12:56am]
[ mood | happy ]

Mr. October '02 Derek Jeter =cheowww baby=

won 2nite 8 to 5. hahahaha!!

and to top that off -like it can get any better- first point yess thanks to Dj =swoon=

<33 <33 <33 and more <33 <33 that man!

.::. good times .::. [25 Sep 2002|04:16pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Today has been a good day for me, considering I'm jobless and have zero cash. Today I saw a old friend of mine and she's getting married in November, she asked me if I could do all of the bridesmaid's grooms and flower girls flower bouquets. I did all of the flower arrangements for another friend of ours she said she was very impressed and wanted to ask me ahead of time. I'm super excited about doing this for her. I love this gurl, I introduced her to her soon to be husband. Those guys are sOO meant for each other!

well, any how I was telling her Id have all the time in the world to help with this, I began to tell her I had been layed off. She told me that where she works at they're gunna be hiring. She works at the family shelter, for abused and battered woman. She knows how I wanna be a child advocate but she says I can get experience there and maybe work my way up. I have a passion for helping people esp people in need. My goal is to work at the -Hope House- there you primarily work with abused children. She said they work close with the Hope House, so I'm really excited! She gunna come by later to leave the colors for the floral arrangements and she'll pick up my resume. I hope they really consider me for this position. Its not gunna be available till early November but I'm willing to wait :D

It's just alittle weird when your so used to a certain routine and then all of the sudden its not there. its alittle trippy yanno? But im diggin the fact that I'm left to what ever I want. I determine what I do next. I believe me loosing my job helped me, in the aspect of me getting off my rear and doing something I really wanna do. If you don't have passion for it its not gunna matter. You'll have this nonchalant attitude. That's what was beginning to happen to me. I didn't enjoy my job, I didn't care about it and I had that blah attitude, then that started to reflect of other things. I wasn't happy. But imma be optimistic. I just have this feeling that good things are in store for me. I gatto do my part and I believe things will fall in all the right places!

[] Good things come to those who wait[]

tis' all for now <33
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=passing time= [24 Sep 2002|11:15am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Wow, where to begin?! I have sOOo much that has happen to me in the last few dayz. Don't know where to begin... Im kinda leery in what I jot down here, It's kinda sad that I have to watch what I say. Im thinking I may make this friends only, but I think :: Damn why should I have to do that ? c'mon people grow up and fucken act your age pls! We are all adults here but I swear sometimes I feel like Im back in dramafeed highschool!! Im alittle annoyed at certain things right now.

For one, I lost my job when I returned from awesome weekend. Damn! I would have usually been freaking out, but I had good wonderful thoughts in my head, I couldnt let that get in the way of things. shoot, aint gunna let that rain on my parade :D !!

My boss told me I was getting to expensive, business is slow and he couldnt afford me. So, he told me he had to let me go. I got my stuff and as I was leaving he said he'd pay me for 2wks. Atleast I have that coming to me. I filed for unemployement yesterday, its a long overdrawn process it could take up to 4-6 wks to receive anything.
The employment here isnt all that great, so hopefully i'll find something soon :)

: : Other than that Im doing wonderfully!
Life is good! Life is grand! [[sigh]] : :

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-good stuff- [16 Sep 2002|05:29pm]
[ mood | good ]

Mary walks
down to the water's edge
and there she hangs her head
to find herself faded
a shadow of what she once was
She said "How long have I been sleeping
and why do I feel so old
why do I feel so cold
my heart is saying one thing but my body won't let go"
With trembling hands she reaches up
a stranger's flesh is offered
and I would be the last to know
I would be the last the let it show
I would be the last to go

Take her hand
she will lead you through the fire
give you back hope
and hope that you won't take too much
respecting what is left
she cradled us
she held us in her arms
unselfish in her suffering she could not understand
that no one seemed to have the time
to cherish what was given
and I would be the last to know
and I would be the last to let it show
I would be the last to go...
Mary walks...
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[] swOOn [] [16 Sep 2002|03:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

My ultimate fanasty

what I wouldnt give to meet this man!!

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-=is it thursday yet?=- [16 Sep 2002|09:59am]
[ mood | blah ]


Monday is such a blah day for me, I'm trying to get in the swing of things again, I tend to forget everything over the weekend. Man, im super sleepy this morning, I just wanna go home put my sweats on and go jump in my comfy bed and watch TLC [[my favorite channel]]

I guess my problem is id rather be anywhere but here! It's cold and the atmosphere here is shot to hell. :(

: :imma try to look on the brighter side of things : :

This week is gunna be Fabulous!! I get paid yay! I don't have that many bills to pay with this check, now that ma figured out a budget for me, she calculated to where I'd have more money to spend! I guess :/ Ok I didnt know what the hell I was doing. Thanks to ma, I know now!
Gawd,i swear money is like water in my hands. I kinda hate to have it, im always thinking:: OK what can i buy now? :D

Thursday is the end of my week, Im taking Friday off!! [[nerves, nerves I tell ya]]
somtimes, i'm very non chalant about it and then at times i'm overly emotional. It comes in constant streams of yes: no: maybe so: maybe not: [[ahhhhhhhhhhhh]] I wouldnt be doing this if i wasnt sure. If i didnt have a solid feeling.

Optimism is the way to go!
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[[admirers]] [15 Sep 2002|12:18am]
[ mood | awake ]

haha I love anonymous viewers!!
Damn, I didn't think I was that interesting?!
well, keep 'em coming
I luv it!!


good riddance : : [13 Sep 2002|04:20pm]
[ mood | content ]

my boss just left for the afternoon! good gawd finally!!
he's been acting really shady lately. ahhh :: oh well

I called shannons[[hospital]] job line and they and a unit secretary position open so, i went and applied.
SO, we'll wait to see what happens with that :D

Im working on my LJ trading card, so as soon as i'm done with it i'll post it

until then <33

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<3 [13 Sep 2002|09:48am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

True beauty consists in purity of the heart
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^amazed^ [12 Sep 2002|05:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Im sOOo diggin my new layout!
thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!

you know me soo well!! [[sigh]]

gracias <33

you're my shooting star :p
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-wide open spaces- [12 Sep 2002|02:49pm]
[ mood | good ]

Today is Thursday already. WoW, this week has flown by!
My job is super slow these days, I have absolutely nothing to do [[yeah, yeah]]i know atleast im getting paid.

Im the type of person that has to be doing something, on my feet, busy!
Here is the total opposite, i sit for 7hrs -ahhhhhhh- The only time to get up is to go to the restroom. Other than that im sitting with a blank stare on my face. Business is slow and probably will be for awhile, sOOo i come to work and do nothing!

Thats probably why ive gained pounds, this chair of mine just craddles my fat. Imma start looking around for something else before i explode:p

ok enough of that nonsense:

Yeah the Yankees won last nite! yay!
ay dios mio that Mr. Jeter is beautiful!!

][Bites knuckle][

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[[9-11]] [11 Sep 2002|06:25pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Look foward in Hope!!


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